Tips and TricksEdit

This pags has been created to assist both newbies and veterans of Asda 2 by offering advice in regards to personalization, customization, and self-reliance.

Editing your music/sfx data (tutorial for Windows Vista/7 users)

Ever wonder how to add your own music and sound effects to Asda and make it more enjoyable to your own style? In this tutorial, I'm going to explain how to do this.
First, we need to locate Asda's music folder. The easiest wa I found to do this is to right-click on the Asda shrotcut on your desktop (or wherever you placed the shortcut) and select "Open file location". A new window will open up with the Launcher.exe file already highlighted. From here, go to the "data" folder, then "Sound". Be sure to have the file extensions shown - this is important.
In this folder, there are two types of sound files - .mp3's and .wav's. Mp3's are the music file, and .wav's are the sound effects. You might have to individually play each file to find out which one you want to modify. Once you have figured out which file you want to change, find a .mp3 or .wav (whichever you are changing) and rename it exactly as the file name you want to change (be sure to rename the file in a different directory than the file you wish to change). Once you have renamed it, simply drag the file into the Asda's Sound folder, then move/replace the file.
Example: Let's say I want to change Asda's login music to play "Wizard of the Hood" by ICP. Since Asda's login music is .mp3, I'd have to make a copy of my "Wizard of the Hood" .mp3 and put it on my desktop. From there, I'd change the name "Wizard of the Hood" to :Login", then drag new newly named "Login" file into Asda's sound directory. Now, every time I log in to select my character, I'd instead hear ICP, rather that the original music.