One Handed Sword WarriorEdit

Class warrior
Warriors who use a one-handed sword and shield boast the greatest defense power of all classes. This class has skills to instantly close the distance, and can threaten the enemy to attack only them. Because they have lower damage than others, grouping up with high damage classes is the perfect combination. Because of these unique abilities, it is designed to lead a party as the tank.

Two Handed Sword WarriorEdit

These warriors wield a heavy two-handed sword to deal powerful blows to the enemy. This class specializes in the destruction of enemy defenses, damage reflection, and grenades. Though they attack slower than other classes, they are able attack many enemies at once with high damage. Because of the lower amount of active skills, this class is perfect for players who enjoy easy operation.

Spear WarriorEdit

This type of warrior makes use of a sharp spear to cause fatal blows to the enemy. This class specializes in stealth, speed, and critical attacks. They are also able to hinder the movement of the enemy. Despite their low defense, thanks to their high physical strength they can take out mages with ease. Spear warriors excel in one-on-one combat and are a main damage dealer in a party.

Crossbow ArcherEdit

Class archer

This type of archer has the highest instant damage capability. This class specializes in critical burst damage skills and stunning the enemy. With their magic immune and silencing capabilities combined with their range, they are the perfect adversary against mages. Even though their continuous damage isn't very impressive, they can take down single targets quickly.

Bow ArcherEdit

Archers who use bows and traps have the capability to impede the enemy's movement and cause them to bleed slowly. This class specializes in traps, area attacks, and time bombs. With their traps, range, speed, and defense-ignoring bleeds, they are strong against warriors in combat. While they attack slower than other archers, they are powerful in parties due to their persistent effect and area skills.

Attack MageEdit

Class mage
Mages who study attack magic use of the powers of fire and darkness. This class specializes in area attacks from a distance, as well as burning and cursing the enemy. Though they have low HP and defense, their powerful magic attacks can easily take down warriors who have little defenses against magic. Due to their variety of area attacks, they are powerful in parties against massive groups.

Support MageEdit

Mages who study support magic use the powers of earth and water. This class specializes in supporting their friends with buffs and magic protective shields. While they have weaker attacks than other mages, their offensive magic has freezing, stunning, and sleeping effects which can be used to protect a party in emergencies. Due to their large variety of buffs to strengthen the whole party, they are a smart choice when grouping up.

Healing MageEdit

Mages who study healing magic use the powers of light and climate. This class specializes in supporting friends with heal spells and curing and resurrection techniques. Though their focus is on healing in parties, usually keeping them out of danger, they can also defend themselves with powerful single-target attacks when alone. Due to their strong healing powers, they are essential to any party.